This will always be my favorite part in this song. So beautiful.

I seriously love this so much, and I just for some reason honestly thought of Paul saying this to Julian… you know if you really listen to the lyrics they are so sad…. like for Julian everything was over that he once knew, you know like his parents where done, his whole family was gone, everything was changed and it’s like Paul saying to him don’t let me down, don’t make it bad, you can do this, even throughout life don’t make it bad….. sorry way to emotional tonight 

John’s smile…

Taken right after it was done! Done by Marc at Soul Survivors in Winnipeg. It is, perfect. It’s more than just a disney tattoo to me. Granted, The Little Mermaid is definitely my favorite movie, but my grandparents lived on the ocean for a very long time. My grandma, mom, sisters and I used to walk up and down the beach almost daily looking for starfish, jellyfish, mermaids, orca’s, dolphins, etc etc. It was also the last movie I watched with my grandma and grandpa before my grandma passed away a year ago. Everytime I’m having a hard time I look down at this tattoo and remember that my grandma’s with me.